Kodi: The Best Ultimate Smart TV

Kodi: The best Ultimate Smart TV

What is Kodi?

Kodi: the best ultimate smart TV is free, an open-source software program designed especially with

domestic amusement in mind –and it’s best in case you’re a fan of movies, sports activities, films and television suggest. This helps you to watch movies, TV shows, and even live TV of different genres. It is completely beneficial media softwareoffering you with first-rate looking experience and various content sources.

You can now customize by installing add-ons or builds, and they are completely free too. And it’s now not just for laptops; Kodi can now work on the entirety from a smartphone to an Amazon fireplace television Stick or even on a raspberry pi. Kodi turns any laptopsmartphone or tablet right into a digital set-top box or streamer, giving customers the potential to stream files such as movies, songs or videos from the internet, a home network and local storage.

Install Kodi in Windows

Now let’s talk about installing Kodi in windows.

Open the link given below. There you can see Kodi for a different platform such as windows , linux, android , raspberry pie etc.


installing kodi picture1

There are two ways of installing kodi. You can choose any one of the following ways . But I prefer to download via windows store.

  1. From windows store:
  2. Installer

    installing kodi picture 2

1.Windows store:

  • Given two methods of installing , select windows store.
  • It will redirect you to the windows store.

installing kodi picture 3

  • Click on Get the app button to download kodi.
  • Once your download in completed then you will see a launch button

installing kodi picture 4

  • Click on launch button to run Kodi

2. Installer

installing kodi picture 5

  • Click on INSTALLER(32BIT)
  • It will download the setup file of around 78 MB.

installing kodi picture 6

  • Once your download is completed ,  just open it.

installing kodi picture 7

  • Click Next>

installing kodi picture 8

  • Click I aggree

installing kodi picture 9

  • Click Next>

installing kodi picture 10

  • Select location where you want to install kodi (I want to leave it as  it is..)
  • Then click Next>

installing kodi picture 11

  • Choose start menu folder ( leave it as it is..)
  • Then click Next>

installing kodi picture 11

  • It will take a while to install kodi.

installing kodi picture 13

  • Once the installation is completed , tick on run kodi and select Finish
  • It will open up fullscreen of kodi

kodi: the best ultimate smart tv

In this way yon can complete installing kodi: the best ultimate smart tv.


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