Steps to Root Redmi Note 4 | Install TWRP Recovery

How to Root Redmi Note 4 | Install TWRP Recovery

How to root redmi note 4: As you decided to root Xiaomi Redmi note 4. Let’s move further ahead. As you know the Xiaomi phones are coming with the Locked Bootloader. Hence, We need unlock bootloader & then we can install twrp recovery where we can flash file to grant root access.

Step 1 – Unlock Bootloader of Redmi Note 4

This is the first step in the rooting process and without unlocking bootloader, we can not flash twrp recovery & we need twrp recovery for Flashing SuperSU file. It is the time-consuming process in the overall rooting process due to waiting for unlocking approval from Xiaomi.

Follow the Steps given below to unlock the bootloader.

Steps to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

1. Go to Mi Unlock page, Sign with your Mi Account & Request for unlocking with proper reason.

Root redmi note 4

2. You will receive the Text message from Xiaomi as you get approval for unlocking bootloader.

3. Make sure that you have logged in with same Mi Account on your Redmi note 4.

4. Download 15 Second ADB Driver & Install ADB & Fastboot driver on PC.

5. Now, Download Mi Unlock Tool & extract it on your computer. Now, Launch “MiFlashUnlock.exe” application.

Root redmi note 4

6. After opening an application, On the first page, you need to log in with your Mi Account. Make sure that you have logged with the Mi Account that you have used to unlocking permissions.

Root redmi note 4

7. The application will check either you have permissions for unlocking or not. You will see the device is not connected on Screen.

Root redmi note 4

Now, Switch of your Redmi Note 4 in fastboot mode. To do this, Power off your phone, Press Power on + Volume down button simultaneously. You will be in fastboot mode, Connect your Android phone to the computer using USB Cable.

8. Finally, Press “Unlock” button to unlock the bootloader.

Root redmi note 4

9. Unlocking process will take about 5 Minutes to complete. Once the process completes you can choose “Reboot Phone” option to boot normally on your Redmi note 4.

Root redmi note 4

That’s it! You have successfully Unlock Bootloader of Redmi note 4 using Mi Unlock Tool. Now, You can move to Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi Note 4.

Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi Note 4

Now, We will install twrp recovery on your smartphone. By using this custom recovery we can flash SuperSU file. Also, you can flash Custom ROM of your choice using this recovery. There are tons of development is available for this Phone.


1. Make sure that you have installed ADB & Fastboot driver as mentioned above in bootloader unlocking process.

2. Download TWRP Recovery & Place it on your computer. All the required files for installation of twrp is given above.

3.Now, Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlock on your Smartphone.

How to Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlock on your device?

Here are the simple steps to enable USB Debugging.Go to Settings > About Phone > Tap 7-8 times on MIUI Version. This will enable Developers option on your Redmi Note 4.

Again back to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options. Simply Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlock from the menu.

4. Place your downloaded recovery on your computer. Go to the folder where you have placed the downloaded recovery.

5. Open Command window thereby Pressing both Right Click button of your mouse with the Shift key. From the options choose, “Open Command Window here”.

Root redmi note 4

6. Connect Redmi note 4 to the computer using USB Cable.

7. In Command Window, enter the following code to check device is connected or not.

adb devices

Root redmi note 4

8. Type this & press enter to boot it into Fastboot mode. You can manually boot into fastboot mode using Power on + Volume down.

adb reboot bootloader

9. Now, the final step is to flash twrp recovery through fastboot mode.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Root redmi note 4

The flashing process will complete in next few seconds. You have successfully Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi note 4.

Let’s move ahead and Root Redmi note 4 using twrp.

Install SuperSU or Magisk to Grant root access on Mi Redmi Note 4

After successfully Unlocking Bootloader & Installing TWRP Recovery on the device the next step is to root your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

Root redmi note 4
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  1. Place the downloaded SuperSU Zip file or Magisk file in the internal storage of the phone.

2. Switch off your phone & Reboot to recovery by pressing Power On + Volume Upbutton.

3. You will see twrp recovery on your device screen. In TWRP Recovery select Install Zip. Select your “SuperSU.Zip” file from the internal storage.

If you want to install Magisk root then you can select Magisk root instead of SuperSU. As both of them do the same work but magisk has some extra & useful features compare to SuperSU.

How to root redmi note 4

4. Confirm Flash! You will see a success message. Now Clear Cache & Dalvik Cache.After installation Reboot your device from the menu.

Afer flashing SuperSU. Don’t reboot your phone else your device will be stuck at Mi Logo(Boot loop).

5. Again Go Back to the main Screen, Choose to Install and Select “” & Install it. Now, Swipe to confirm flash.

The flashing process will take few seconds. Wait until the process completes.

6. After installation, you can Choose “Reboot” option.

That’s It! You have successfully rooted your Xiaomi Redmi note 4 with this method. First boot will take some time to boot up.

You can use Root Checker application to check your root status. Enjoy!

Root redmi note 4


Video Tutorial to Root Redmi Note 4:



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